Electrics And Lighting

They already had an E-commerce site but they were hardly turning over any orders online and didn't have the time themselves to do anything with the site as they already ran a shop on Gloucester road, Bristol.

We were asked to redesign a site for them to replace the one they had and to load around 12,000 products with images and descriptions.

The site has now required them to employ more staff just to deal with web site orders and they continue to contact us with there product updates as they are released.


DirectLight had a complete rework of there site from top to bottom and then had all the products reworked with better descriptions size and dimensions.

There focus was on customer satisfaction and providing the customer with the information they needed.

The site was designed to run smooth and to make the customer purchase a fast transaction for the payment.

Camille Beckman

We were approached by the owner of Cammille Beckman who was not happy with there web site at the time.

There site had been a off the shelf template that was very hard for them to change to look how they wanted. They were finding this was effecting there sales.

We produced there site for them along side there existing one so sales would not be effected.
We achieved the look they were after and helped them rank higher with goggle (number one on goggle)